NEW! Motor Magnet Zapper



1.     Install motor with the north magnet down.

2.     Turn on switch (up) to charge. Red (Charge) LED lights.

3.     Allow Blue (Armed) LED to fully Light.

4.     Wait 10 seconds.

5.     Hold motor in place with finger with the motor against 1 wall of the tube.

6.     Turn off switch (down) to Zap.

7.     Shift the motor against the other side of the tube.

8.     Repeat steps 1-6.

This will provide maximum Zap to the motors magnets.


Turn power Off when not in use; do not leave the power On continuously.

Unit can be turned Off/Zap with the tube empty.

Our motor magnet zapper is available through ERI Distributers.  Please have your local track contact ERI to order.


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