Third Eye Technology produces the finest Fully Electronic Motor Speed Controllers and Electronic Slot Car Products in the world for 1/24th and H0-1/32nd scale racing.

These world class Controllers have been winning races from coast to coast at sanctioned national events, in every class from beginner to Pro's, Falcon thru G7.

What people are saying about 3rd Eye Technology Slotcar Controllers and other electronic products (Letting Others Brag for Me)

Hey third eye dude, my testimonial is simple. " When I reach into my magic bag of controllers, the same one always comes out, Third eye!!! " Good Luck.
Paul Gawronski 2006,2007,2008 Scale Nats Champion

I have been using 3rd Eye controllers for about five years now, The smooth control, sensitivity and brake is best I've used. Howard has been easy to contact and fixes problems Quickly. I have two & both work like new. My Ruddick ,Difalco are collecting dust.
Harold Rowe - NorCal SCRA

Howard Smith and 3rd Eye Technology bring to slot car racing a new dimension in controllers and service. I run the Predator 2 "Gawronski Edition" and have been very happy with its adjustability and performance from king to flat track. A great controller!
Brian White

My 3rd Eye Controller has allowed me to make the transition from high speed King track racing to the tight twists and turns of flat track racing easy.
Tony Moore

My father taught me to always get the best tools that I can afford. The Third Eye HO controller fits this description perfectly and offers me precise control and the ability to adapt to any car and any track. The result is smooth and consistent driving, lower lap times and higher lap totals.

Got my Predator 2 Gawronski edition five months ago. Old habits die hard but within 30 days I was using it exclusively. My two Ruddocks, a DiFalco and a custom controller are gathering dust. I like the feel of the handle and trigger much better. The response is smooth. The channel to hang it over the track wall is nice touch also. I use it for racing everything from Falcons to 16Ds to GT-12 on both flat and banked tracks. Bottom line I am faster using the Predator and thats what matters most. I highly recommend the Third Eye Predator 2.
Todd "Radical Racing" Radke

Howard, I never gave you my testimonial, well here it is:
I've had the others, since my first 3rd eye they are all just dust collectors now! None even come close to the smooth lightweight feel of your controllers and the adjustability is just unreal!
Mark Greene

I got the Renegade controller for my Grand Son. He was using a Professor Motor before and really loves the response of the 3rd Eye. He has hooked it up wrong two times, and it remains unharmed. Good product.....jf
John Ford - Scale Auto Racing News

Howard, Thanks for the help with debugging my controller at Chico prior to the race. We wouldnt have won our class this weekend without your help. This was the biggest test I have had with your controller to date. Its the best controller I have used and I attribute much of our success this weekend to your controller technology. It gave us the adjustments on the track from lane to lane we needed. Great job!
Brian White

I just wanted to let you know that you have a made fantastic controller. I couldnt be happier with the results I have had with it. I couldnt believe how much better all of my cars ran and how smooth the controller action is. I managed to shatter 3 track records last night in SS, Am Mod and RO. I was worried that the guys would outlaw the controller after the races, but instead I might be gaining you some more customers in the future.
Another Happy 3rdEye Owner Brian (H0)

Ho Pro -- I´┐Żll let them know, like I said mine is perfect. I honestly didn't think it would be such a dramatic difference in lap times for us all.
Bob Mann

A great controller! I bought a "Gold Grown" over four years ago and power supply I have had not one propblem with either product, nothing. I take that back, I had a diode burn up at the track and it was fixed in fifthteen minutes by Howard. His service is first class as is his line of controllers and power supplies. I have used my "Gold Crown" from D-3 to Wing Cars. Where it shines is in the NORCAL/SCRA GT-12 eight month racing series, where it has performed flawlessly for four racing seasons. I'm lucky to have Howard racing with me, as he always grabs my controller and cleans it and makes sure it is up to snuff and asks me if there is any propblems with it. I need not say anything else about Howard and his products, They are first class.
The Vitter

My Third Eye is the most usable controller I have ever used. It took a bit of getting used to ,with it not having a dead band,but I love the long finger stroke ,which really helps with the scale cars we run here in the UK ,and it has by far the best brakes of any controller, bar none.
Richard Mack

I have been using my third eye for over a year I think. I am very happy with it and would recommend it to all that want a upscale controller that will do all that you want. I use mine on 1/24th euro and it performs very well.
Bill Vanderziel

I just wanted to thank you for the recent updates that you installed on my Gold Crown. The sensitivity switches make tunning my Eurosport easier than ever, I couldn't be happier! As usual, your turn around on service was outstanding, to you and back in under a week is hard to beat. My Renegade is still working flawlessly after installing the full throttle stop, even with my kung fu grip. Thanks again for a great product and service, you have continued to earned my business.
Kevin VanPelt

The 3rd Eye controller is in a league of its own. The only controller I have used since 2004. Not only are they the best controllers on the market, but the customer service stands alone at the top. Trust me, when I say other controller manufactuers service doesn't even compare to Howard's at 3rd Eye. I haven't met an unsatisfied 3rd Eye owner yet.
Jonathan Forsyth

Controllers, well I have a few different Controllers I use when racing. However most of the time I turn to my 3Rd Eye Controller. It does depend on which cars I am testing for or which race I am attending but if I can only take one Controller when I travel it is the 3Rd Eye Renegade 2. Why, well the range of adjustment fits the Cars I race and the width of adjustment works at every track I have raced on. Also with a wide power handling ability ( I believe 9 Volts to over 18 volts ) it fits with all the Power Supplies I come across.

The other thing with the 3rd Eye is the Power Handling capable of running an NC 1 NINCO motor or a Group 12 Commercial Motor the amperage capability is perfect for a wide range of cars. Also I like the fact that there are no fuses to blow, of course I have never hooked up my Controller wrong J but if I did no fuses to blow is a good feature.

Alan from Slot Car Illustrated

I love my 3rdeye controller. I bought it back in January of 2007 and have used it exclusively since, It's made my 1/32 scale racing so enjoyable. It feels correct in my hand and the trigger is so easy. I can't live without that choke, it works so good with those very fast cars. I'd recommend this controller to anyone that wants a last controller. I've tried a bunch and this is my one and only keeper.
Marc Gosselin