3rdEye Pricing - 2016 (MSRP)



Super NFET3 - E-Wire
Electronic equivilant, adjustable wire choke
Includes new cover and LED meter.


FETroller 2 - E-Wire
Electronic equivilant, adjustable wire choke
Black power box with LCD meter.

FETroller 2 - EChoke
Buiilt in Electronic Choke, Selectable Throttle Curve Controls, Cooling Fan.
* Includes new cover and LED Meter! *

Hitman FETroller
Standard Unit, Selectable TH Switches, No Choke
Good through G12




 $ 650.00

$ 489.00



1:32 Scale Controllers FET32

Standard Unit (TH Switches , No Choke)

With Th Switches and EChoke

$ 299.00

$ 399.00


Discontinued Products


Lightning FET Drag Controller, Renegade, Predator, Veratrollers, Analyzer HD Gold Crown, all products using RedFox handle and Trigger.

Note: RedFox Handles and Triggers are no longer available from 3rd Eye

HO Controllers
Note: All HO Controllers are intended for HO use only 12-25V positive dc regulated power only

Brake/ Coast, Sensitivity, Clicker, High Power Drive/Heat Sink, Voltage Reduction Choke, Adjustable Throttle Curve



Repairs - $45.00 minimum

3rd Eye must be contacted prior to shipping for an estimated repair cost.

3rd Eye will not accept or repair product without notification

The Repair fee is $45.00 by Cash or Money Order (filled out) only placed in the box. Required is: Emailing your -- Return Address (ship to), Name, PH#  before shipment then let 3rd Eye know when it ships. The unit will not be returned to you until the above information is received by Email/Website contact only.

Note: 3rd Eye is not responsible for incorrect mailing addresses. Required are address sent electronically, 3rd Eye does not transpose addresses by note or off the shipping box.


For more information please contact Howard "The 3rd Eye Guy"
Phone (707) 664-1722 or Email