3rdEye Pricing - 2016 (MSRP)



Super NFET3 - E-Wire
Electronic equivilant, adjustable wire choke
Includes new cover and LED meter.


FETroller 2 - E-Wire
Electronic equivilant, adjustable wire choke
Black power box with LCD meter.

FETroller 2 - EChoke
Buiilt in Electronic Choke, Selectable Throttle Curve Controls, Cooling Fan.
* Includes new cover and LED Meter! *

Hitman FETroller
Standard Unit, Selectable TH Switches, No Choke
Good through G12




 $ 650.00

$ 489.00



1:32 Scale Controllers FET32

Standard Unit (TH Switches , No Choke)

With Th Switches and EChoke

$ 299.00

$ 399.00


Discontinued Products


Lightning FET Drag Controller, Renegade, Predator, Veratrollers, Analyzer HD Gold Crown, all products using RedFox handle and Trigger.

Note: RedFox Handles and Triggers are no longer available from 3rd Eye

HO Controllers
Note: All HO Controllers are intended for HO use only 12-25V positive dc regulated power only

Brake/ Coast, Sensitivity, Clicker, High Power Drive/Heat Sink, Voltage Reduction Choke, Adjustable Throttle Curve



Repairs - $45.00 minimum

3rd Eye must be contacted prior to shipping for an estimated repair cost.

3rd Eye will not accept or repair product without notification

The Repair fee is $45.00 by Cash or Money Order (filled out) only placed in the box. Required is: Emailing your -- Return Address (ship to), Name, PH#  before shipment then let 3rd Eye know when it ships. The unit will not be returned to you until the above information is received by Email/Website contact only.

Note: 3rd Eye is not responsible for incorrect mailing addresses. Required are address sent electronically, 3rd Eye does not transpose addresses by note or off the shipping box.