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Fully Electronic Drag Controller


Standard Feature/Benefit


·        “Fully Electronic Exclusive 3rd Eye High Technology Design”

·        “No Battery Needed” Never replace a battery again! Unit gets power from the track thru the car and powers itself during the drag event.

·        “No Power Blast Relay” – FET electronically powered full-on power. Has much faster response time and lower contact resistance than a Relay.

·        “Very Accurate and Repeatable Timing” Due to the precision electronics.

·        “Very Controllable Launch Power” Accurate and Repeatable

·        “Shortened Trigger Travel” 1/2 the travel of most other units.

·        “Soft Touch Trigger – Tactile snap action starts the event faster. Can also be used for bump.

·        “No Trigger Dead Band” - No trigger travel from off to power (other than tactile switch travel) = faster reaction times.

·        Track proven FASTER/Constant timing.

·        High intensityBlue Power LED Indicator” - located in the handle.



·        “Built-in Trans Brake Snap Action Switch” – Repeatable take off.

·        “Built-in Track Volt Meter” – Indicates the status of the tracks power.

·        “Built-in LED car connect/power indicator” – lights when the car is set on the track.