Slot Car Electronic Motor Speed Controllers

                                            And Electronic Products

                                   Hitman FET with Parma Handle

  (No Choke FET Model, Good thru G12 Motors)

“Selectable Throttle Curve Switches”                               

     Fully Electronic 1:24 Controller

“All FET Design” Motor Drive “FETDrive” and Brakes “FETBrakes” “No Fuses Needed”

   With Improved brake adjustability, No power blast relay required, Improved full reverse polarity protection




·         All “FET Powered Design” 3rd Eye’s Exclusive “FETDrive” Motor Drive/ “FETBrakes”.

·         “Differential Amplifier Technology” Power control uses the “test of time” proven design.

·         “No Power Blast Relay”. Full on power is done electronically; the “FETDrive” has less resistance to the battery and a faster response than a Power Blast Relay.

·         “More Usable Throttle Range” near max throttle where a Power Blast Relay would jump 1-2 V directly to battery. Now 20 bands or more of usable throttle control.

·         3rd Eye’s exclusive “FETBrakes” Braking (stops the car on a dime and gives 9 cents change); stops car even after the track power goes off.

·         “Selectable Throttle Curve Switches” 4 settings for “Improved Throttle Response” softer bottom end throttle response selectable for each car and driving style.

·         No fuses to Replace Uses “PTC” fuses for “Mistake Proof” reverse polarity protection.

·          “Infinitely adjustable Brake and Sensitivity controls” (0-Max) control from onset to full.

·         “Sensitivity Control Voltage goes to .5V - ¾ Throttle” Provides maximum control.

·         “Smooth trigger action/Continuously variable throttle control” No steps - 150 bands.

·         “No Trigger Dead Band” No trigger travel from brake to power = faster lap times.

·         Dependable Parma Handle and Trigger (used exclusively).

·          “Ample Heat sinking” Provides safe and reliable cooling.

·         “3 ½ ft. Control Cable” Light and flexible 4 wire control cable

·          “Light weight Handle” With easy-to-use controls located on the backside of the handle.

·         Attractive “Professional looking Styling”

·         High intensityBlue Power LED Indicator” Located in the handle.

·         10” Long 12 gauge “highly flexible power leads”.