HO Pro


Fully Electronic Controller with 3rd Eye’s exclusively designed

“All FET Design” Motor Drive “FETDrive” and Brakes “Designed for HO Cars”

“Designed right, the 3rd Eye way” with all the Features you will need and many that other Controllers don’t have

                                No power blast relay required, Improved full reverse polarity protection

              Built In – Electronic Choke with (FTB) Bypass, Choke On/Off Switch with

                      “Selectable Throttle Curve Controls” No Fuses Required


·         Excellent Throttle Response optimized for all HO cars and driving types.

·          “Continuously variable throttle control” (no steps) 100 bands).

·         Smooth Trigger Action with “No Deadband” between Brake/Coast to Throttle (reduces Track times).

·         “Wide Sensitivity Range” Unough range for Super Stock Cars.

·          “Transistorized Braking” Deceleration curve is faster than resistor braking and is specifically designed for Braking HO only type cars).

·         Infinitely adjustable Brake, Sensitivity, Coast controls (0-Max).

·         Coast/ Brake Switch uses the Same Control Knob for Brake/Coast.

·         Wide Sensitivity Adjustment Range.

·         Fully Electronic Choke with Choke On/Off/FTB Switch with Full Throttle Bypass feature

·         Ample Heat Sinking allows for maximum cooling.

·         “Electronic” high gain/high Output Drive circuit.

·          “Wide 11-22V operating voltage range”

·         High intensity Blue (eye piercing) Power LED Indicator and Illuminated 3rd Eye Logo located in the handle.

·         “Full 4ft long cable length” ease of use 4 conductor cable

·         Light weight Handle with easy to use controls located on the back side.

·         Attractive Professional looking Styling with Parma Handle and Trigger (used exclusively).

·         “Mistake Proof” reverse polarity protection, No fuses to replace.

·         22nd Century- Fully Electronic high technology linear design.

·         Track proven by FASTER lap times.