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Co-Developed with Third Eye and Approved by “World Champions” Fred Hood “Crash” and Paul Gawronski


Fully Electronic Controller with 3rd Eye’s Exclusively Designed

“All FET Design” Motor Drive FETDrive and Brakes FETBrakes

“Designed right, the 3rd Eye way” with all the Features you will need and many that other Controllers don’t offer


Built-In Cooling Fan, Self-resetting Power Protection (no fuses required!)


Standard Feature/Benefit


·         22nd Century Fully Electronic High Technology Linear Design - specifically designed for 1:32 Racers

·         All “Mosfet Powered Design” - featuring 3rd Eye’s Exclusive FETDriveMotor Drive and FETBrakes”.

·         “Differential Amplifier Technology” - power control uses the test of time proven design.

·         “No Power Blast Relay” - full-on power is done electronically; the FETDrive has less resistance to the power supply/battery and a faster response than a conventional Power Blast Relay.

·         “More Usable Throttle Range” – now with 20 more usable bands near maximum throttle where a Power Blast Relay would jump 1-2 V directly to the power supply/battery.

·         3rd Eye’s exclusive FETBrakes - braking (stops the car on a dime and gives 9 cents change); stops car even after the track power goes off.

·         No fuses to replace - uses “PTC” fuses for “Mistake Proof” reverse polarity protection.

·          “Infinitely Adjustable Brake and Sensitivity controls” - (0-Max) control from onset to full.

·         “Sensitivity Control Voltage Goes to .5V - ¾ Throttle” - provides maximum control for all 1:32 cars.

·         “Selectable Throttle Curve” – four (4) settings for “Improved Throttle Response” and softer bottom end throttle response.

·         “Track Mounting Bracket” - power Assembly sets firmly and securely on the track.

·          “Heat Sinking” and “Built In Fan” - provide safe, reliable cooling.

·          “Lightweight Handle” - with easy-to-use controls located at the top and sides.

·         “Smooth trigger action/Continuously Variable Throttle Control” - (no steps) 150 bands.

·         “No Trigger Dead Band” - no trigger travel from brake to power = faster lap times.

·         Attractive “Professional looking Styling” - with Parma handle and Trigger

·         High intensityBlue Power LED Indicator” - located in the handle.

·         12” Long 12 gauge “high flexibility power leads” – for maximum power and easy hookups.

·         Track proven FASTER lap times by top racers as: Paul Gawronski, Tracy Chin, Fred Hood, Chris Radisich, Jonathan Forsyth, Mike Williams, Mark Greene and many others.


Optional Feature/Benefit


·         “Electronic Choke (Voltage limiting)” - sensitivity does not interact with Choke limit.

·          “Choke On/Off Switch” - ensures Choke is off; the Choke settings can also be preset.

·          “Full Throttle Bypass Switch” - (FTB) automatically overrides Choke at full throttle.



FETroller32 Without Choke
FETroller32 With Choke